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revans.jpg (40976 bytes) Robert Evans
Kung Fu Instructor

I started learning Kung Fu around July of 1992.

I originally started Kung Fu as a way to try and stay in shape. It was also an opportunity to participate in an activity with my stepson.

Kung Fu has been an immense help to me, both physically and mentally. The physical aspect has pushed my body to limits that I wasn’t sure I could achieve. It’s helped me to stay young by keeping pace with young adults and teenagers through class participation, assisting in teaching, and sparring, and training for fighting. The mental discipline that it takes to reach certain levels of kung fu has helped me in my every day walk. If you can physically and mentally handle a 5 minute parallel horse stance, then many of life’s obstacles pale in comparison.

My long term goals since receiving my black belt are to continue to progress and learn, but most importantly to help teach and pass on the knowledge that I’ve gained to help the style to grow and benefit others in the way that it has helped me.  


Sam Youngs.jpg (45418 bytes)

Sam Youngs
Kung Fu Instructor

I started learning Kung Fu when I was eleven years old.
I originally enrolled in Kung Fu because of my guitar teacher. He told me that his son, who was about my age, had been taking Kung Fu for a few years and that he was so good that he could break a 1-inch thick board with his bare fist! Well, that sounded mighty exciting to a young boy like myself, so I started bugging my mom to sign me up for Kung Fu. Eight years later I don't play guitar anymore, and my guitar teacher's son has long since quit Kung Fu, but I love it.
Kung Fu was perfect for me because I am not overly competitive and I'm not a big lover of team sports. Kung fu has not only allowed me to constantly challenge myself mentally and physically, but to also make some great friends along the way and build an excellent sense of community and respect.
Receiving my black belt was an amazing journey and I couldn't be happier to have gotten this far. However, after years of hard training it is only now that I realize how much knowledge there is still to be gained and how much training there is still to be done. My goals now are just to learn as much as I can from Sifu and my senior students and continue to improve through hard work. Even though college and my job are making it harder to train as much as I would like to, I know that my teacher and my classmates are there to help me along the way!



JeremyLidell.jpg (49952 bytes)

Jeremey Liddell
Kung Fu Instructor

I began learning Kung Fu September 8, 1998

I originally enrolled in kung fu because a friend of mine, Sam Youngs, (also a black belt) started and asked my to try it out.

Kung fu has helped me with every aspect of my life. It has given me a sense of self-confidence that has helped me to succeed in school and work. It has taught me that hard work is not something that should be feared, but overcome. I can take pride in my work because I do it the right way, not the easy or lazy way. And mostly it has kept me out of trouble. Instead of partying, drinking, and doing drugs I have been studying kung fu. It has taught me to take care of my body.

Never to stop learning. Black belt is a bridge to the next level, where more challenging training begins.




Casey.jpg (57458 bytes) Casey Beckman
Kung Fu Instructor

I've always had an interest in martial arts.  When I was growing up, I was a huge fan of the Bruce Lee movies.  This is what started my desire to learn kung fu.

I began learning Mi Zong Luo Han kung fu in 1998 with Sifu Leng Tang.

I enjoy my training and look forward to each class.  I also help teach during the other classes when I can.

I know that I have become a stronger person both physically and mentally since I began training.  I no longer question things being possible.  I know that with work, dedication, and time anything can be accomplished.

Things that I learn from Sifu Leng Tang also help me in my work, personal relationships, and my everyday life.

I plan to continue my training for the rest of my life and to be able to pass on what I learn to other in order to preserve the art I love.







Greg Shanos
Kung Fu Instructor

My initial interest in the Martial Arts began while watching the 1970’s television series KUNG FU. The movements were swift, coordinated and beautiful. I was amazed- how could anyone move like that? I therefore began my study at Tang Martial Arts Center during the last millennium in 1993. The style is an authentic Northern Shoalin Kung Fu Long Fist System- exactly what I was looking for!

The Martial Arts teach discipline, respect, loyalty and honor. As a pharmacist by profession, I already possessed all of these qualities. What Kung Fu has done for me is to strengthen and unify the mind, body and spirit. Through training and experience, the body mind, and spirit are coordinated and unified. The Ancient Kung Fu masters fought physical battles for defense of country and province. The twenty-first century warrior faces psychological battles of modern life. Kung Fu training enables today’s practitioner to be physically fit, mentally strong and alert. This results in less anxiety and reduced depression. Therefore with the body and mind in balance, the spirit is able to conquer life’s battles one day at a time.

The ancient masters developed Tai Chi so that the warrior may continue their martial arts training throughout their entire lifetime. I plan to follow this great tradition at Tang Martial Arts Center.


Mo Lamvichit
Kung Fu Instructor

I began my journey with the Art of Kung Fu on December 1, 1994

After searching high and low for the right Gung Fu School, I finally came across on the Mi Zong Luo Han (The Lost Track) Northern Shaolin style of Gung Fu. With this style and the assistance of a great teacher, it has transformed my body and mind into healthy being. .

To me, the Art of Kung Fu is not just a daily exercise, it has taught me the self respect, the dedication that I never had, be respectful to other, and to never quit no matter what obstacle you have in life. It’s the love of the Art of Gung Fu that gives me the drive to succeed to become a black belt. You have to love something to wake up every morning and want to get up and practice. The Art of Gung Fu teaches me not all about controlling on how to attack my adversary, it also about my self control. Yeah, you can hurt other people, but can you have the self control not to hurt or injure other person.

My future goal as a student of Mi Zong Luo Han style Gung Fu is to improve my skill and to spread the art. When something is this good, you have to pass it around, so other can have it too. Learning the art of Gung Fu to me is a life time achievement, I will continue seeking knowledge from my teacher and my fellow classmates. The art of Gung Fu is just like the universe or the internet; there’s no ending, so much to learn.

I have a favorite saying, “The Right Path Is My Path”. To me, it means what I do in life is right for me, not necessary right for other. I also have to be careful on what I do in life as well; like a ripple on the water I can affect others with bad influence.


Jeff Downing
Kung Fu Instructor

I began my Mi Zong Luo Han journey January 2003.

I had always been fascinated by Kung Fu and finally made the time to pursue it to improve my health and self discipline.

I have not only improved my well being and found balance in my life, but I have made life-long friends at Tang Martial Arts.

I expect to pursue Kung Fu until a very old age, improving my techniques, developing an understanding of our style, and spreading Mi Zong Luo Han every way possible.




E-mail:  sifulengtang@gmail.com

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