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Mo Lamvichit
Kung Fu Instructor

I began my journey with the Art of Kung Fu on December 1, 1994

After searching high and low for the right Gung Fu School, I finally came across on the Mi Zong Luo Han (The Lost Track) Northern Shaolin style of Gung Fu. With this style and the assistance of a great teacher, it has transformed my body and mind into healthy being. .

To me, the Art of Kung Fu is not just a daily exercise, it has taught me the self respect, the dedication that I never had, be respectful to other, and to never quit no matter what obstacle you have in life. It’s the love of the Art of Gung Fu that gives me the drive to succeed to become a black belt. You have to love something to wake up every morning and want to get up and practice. The Art of Gung Fu teaches me not all about controlling on how to attack my adversary, it also about my self control. Yeah, you can hurt other people, but can you have the self control not to hurt or injure other person.

My future goal as a student of Mi Zong Luo Han style Gung Fu is to improve my skill and to spread the art. When something is this good, you have to pass it around, so other can have it too. Learning the art of Gung Fu to me is a life time achievement, I will continue seeking knowledge from my teacher and my fellow classmates. The art of Gung Fu is just like the universe or the internet; there’s no ending, so much to learn.

I have a favorite saying, “The Right Path Is My Path”. To me, it means what I do in life is right for me, not necessary right for other. I also have to be careful on what I do in life as well; like a ripple on the water I can affect others with bad influence.


Jeff Downing
Kung Fu Instructor

I began my Mi Zong Luo Han journey January 2003.

I had always been fascinated by Kung Fu and finally made the time to pursue it to improve my health and self discipline.

I have not only improved my well being and found balance in my life, but I have made life-long friends at Tang Martial Arts.

I expect to pursue Kung Fu until a very old age, improving my techniques, developing an understanding of our style, and spreading Mi Zong Luo Han every way possible.




E-mail:  sifulengtang@gmail.com

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