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Mi Zong Poem


Mi Zong Luo Han combines the hard and the soft;
Dodging, springing, and shifting like a leopard changes its moves;
Jumping and changes of steps are elusive;
Spectacular leaps back and forth simulate the tiger.

Mud-tilling steps are just too swift for the opponent
The left foot has hardly landed and the right follows;
The right foot has yet to step down but the left sets in.

Internal power is generated by dropping the shoulders and elbows.
Hands going up like lifting a caldron or a
hawk piercing through the bushes.
Hands coming down like splitting a brick or a
swallow gliding over the water.

Embrace, get in, reverse, glue, roll, snap, and lift.
Stick-pull, grab, up-push, intercept, hammer, deflect and squeeze.
Movements of the hands, eyes, body and the steps are well
coordinated in all strategies.
The spirit, the poise and the grace flow like
waves of the sea.

Translated by Grand Master C.H. Marr
(Original poem in Chinese)



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