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Sifu Tang


Sifu Leng Tang

Sifu Leng

 “My mission is to empower students to succeed now, and throughout their lives.” - Sifu Leng Tang

Sifu Leng Tang (陳淩) started his martial arts training in 1984. When he went to study physics at the University of Florida he also studied Aikido and Judo. Since 1991, has studied Mi Zong Luo Han Style Kung Fu (迷蹤羅漢派), Wu Style Tai Chi (吳式太極拳) Pa Kua Chang(八卦掌). He has also studied Xingyi Quan(形意拳).

    Sifu Leng Tang has spent over 31 years training and researching under the guidance of several masters and has acquired a unique martial arts background. Coupled with his teaching experience, this enables him to provide a training environment that produces successful results for all students.

    Sifu Leng Tang (Sifu, a traditional Chinese title of respect, meaning teacher” and “father”) has owned his own school and has been teaching in Bradenton for more than 20 years. He has competed in, and judged, martial arts tournaments throughout the US and China. Sifu Leng Tang graduated from Bayshore High School and received his B.S. in physics at the University of Florida, Gainesville.




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