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What leadership Means To Me
(A short essay written for the National Youth Leadership Conference, Washington D.C.)
Sara Soscia - Age 12

To be a good leader in my mind means to be able to take charge of any group effectively. To be an effective leader means to be a leader by example, be honest to your followers, have knowledge of the subject, and have good communication skills.

The leader whom I admire is my Kung Fu (Martial Arts) Master, Sifu . Sifu is disciplined toward us and toward himself, meaning he is able to force himself to wake up early and practice all his stretches and forms, to be able to show us an almost perfect example. He teaches us to be respectful to other people. Another example is that my Sifu has a clear goal for us, to get our black belt.  I have been doing Kung Fu for 3 and a half years and am still 4 belts away from my black belt. It may take long, but he teaches us to be dedicated.

By attending this conference I would like to improve my leadership skills by listening and learning what some of our outstanding leaders of our Nation accomplished through their leadership talents. I would like to become a good leader and a great role model just like these men and women who led our country to greatness. A goal I would like to set for myself  would be wake up each morning with a positive outlook, because with this outlook I will have a positive impact on others who choose to follow me someday.


Susan and Chris Hittel
"Thanks so much for all the many life lessons you've given our girls over the years. You 're a tremendous inspiration and role model to all the kids."


Jeff Downing - Age 39
I remember as a young child watching Kung Fu Theater faithfully every Saturday morning.  I had always been fascinated by the martial arts – specifically Kung Fu.  At the age of 35, I decided as a New Year’s resolution that I wanted to get in shape again.  In the past I had tried working out with weights at the gym, but it just wasn’t for me.  I decided to finally start martial arts training. 

Of all the martial arts, I knew Kung Fu was the most beautiful to watch; so I started searching for Kung Fu schools on the Internet.  I found Tang Martial Arts Center and called.  Sifu Leng invited me to come try the introductory classes.  After the first class, I knew immediately that this was the school for me.  And now I’m doing things I never imagined possible at my age.

There are many martial arts “businesses” in the world, but there are few martial arts schools.  Sifu Leng is teacher and mentor above all else.  His goals are to spread the art of Mi Zong Luo Han and encourage people to pursue excellence in every aspect of their life.  Sifu Leng has inspired me to not only improve my athletic abilities, but to also improve my marriage, my parental abilities, my professional life, and my overall health.  For the first time in my life, I have achieved balance between family, self, and career.  I’m a much happier, healthier person.

The other students at the school are like my second family.  Some of the most humble, helpful people I have ever met.  Each one truly enriches the experience.






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